Find, learn, research, then create.

Simply productive and unique
Baku usually starts working on marketing of the particular field of the products, then he studies every detail to bring over some his ideas to resale, rebuild, and readvertise. It is a very simple process to recover from the hedge of the product or service, and Baku has an ability to lead the service to the right path.

Baku Osawa

Baku Osawa

About Baku Osawa

Baku Osawa was born in April 25th 1972, graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art, become a Director of bacun, Inc. Sapporo Japan in the year of 2000.

Baku is Japan based artist, creative director, artistic web design consultant and branding technician for companies and institutions.

Baku has the ability to demonstrate its leadership in new projects and offer various services and ideas from a scientific point of view to get a lot of new customers.


small digital collages and some sample of his artwork

Here are some examples of Baku’s recent collage work. They are created very simple and straight to reach you and help your imagination of daily ideas.